Eurofreight Logistics

Ground Transport

The role that transportation plays in Eurofreight’s logistics system is more complex than just carrying goods for the customers. Its complexity can take effect only through high quality management. By means of a well-handled transport system goods can be sent to the right place at the right time in order to satisfy customer demands.

A good transport system performing in logistics activities brings benefits not only to service quality but also to company competitiveness. Therefore, the transport department has an important and innovative position. This department has a reputable service delivering packages from over 5kgs up to pallets all over Cyprus with same day delivery therefore building a system named “Express Delivery Distribution”.

Eurofreight’s vast fleet is equipped with all the required licenses and trained drivers who can handle all the cargo requirements in order to meet customers’ demands. We deliver not only small packages, pallets and specialised packages, but also specialised delivery such as valuables,
medicines, radioactive products and dry and frozen food products. Eurofreight is one of the few companies in Cyprus who have achieved this target therefore living up to the company’s slogan

“We deliver the promise”

Transportation brings efficacy, and also it builds a bridge between producers and consumers. Therefore,transportation is the base of efficiency and economy in business logistics and expands other functions of logistics system

The company’s strategy is always to meet the customers’ requirements and the “door to door” service has become “door to customer’s shelf”. This philosophy within the distribution practices has made the company stand out and differentiate from the competitors. By having all services under one roof and linking all the departments with the transport department this synergy has provided Eurofreight with great efficiency and speed.

All employees are continuously trained in order to serve customers with respect, professionalism and above all friendliness and approachability. Further training is provided to colleagues to represent the company for sales of invoice collections (COD collections), assisting with the immediate collection of the customer’s outstanding balances and future service requirements.

Trailer Service

The company provides a Trailer service transporting to and from Limassol sea-port, 20ft and 40ft containers, with our own privately owned vehicles island-wide. The service provides customers with D2D prices for FCNR sea freight shipments. It is believed that the trailer service will increase even more in the next few years as the customers will be looking to find partners that can offer them a full range of services under one roof. Of course the primary aim is to increase the deliveries from the company’s sea freight shipments, therefore offering services first of all to Eurofreight’s customers and ensuring the whole supply chain service.

Courier Service

A new department was created in 2012 after thorough analysis of the customer’s needs and demands. With the latest trends of air freight shipment imports have shown a higher volume of under 5kgs. With the high costs associated with delivering these smaller packages with the larger vans, the company started looking at partners and synergies in order to offer and provide this service to the customers and even grow the customer base with another differential service.

In the beginning of 2018 a new service was introduced “Eurofreight Courier Service” where all packages smaller than 5kgs were delivered with smaller vehicles all over Cyprus. The “Local Courier Distribution” is a service where the company is steadily progressing and will in the future develop this service. Eurofreight will focus on adding other courier companies and in specific logistics projects such as ecommerce pharmaceuticals, mobile accessories, small spare parts, sunglasses, watches etc.