Eurofreight Logistics

Logistics & Warehousing

Eurofreight Logistics provides a suite of premier freight handling services and is considered one of the leaders in the Logistics sector.

Our multi-purpose logistics facilities are strategically located on the junction of the three major highways connecting all major cities of Cyprus. Our warehouses have a total capacity of 6900sqm with over 4000 pallets.

Food logistics facilities fulfil all requirements for food products storage with respect to food quality and safety standards. Eurofreight’s premises undergo regular audits by the local authorities of Veterinary and Health services. Our facilities also undergo audits from international audit agencies on behalf of various customers.

Our Warehouse Management System gives us complete control and traceability of our stock, from the moment an item is delivered to us

We offer efficient and cost saving warehouse solutions to our customers. Our services include relabelling and repackaging services as part of our full suite of services designed to efficiently handle freight received in our warehouses.

Our staff is dedicated, professional, and trained to handle all the challenges faced with warehousing operations, strictly following Health & Safety procedures and environmental policies.

Our IT Department ensures that all our operations run smoothly and securely while overseeing the daily functionality of our servers and systems. State of the art firewalls is in place to ensure protection from any known and unknown threat from the outside, while Endpoint protection applications are in place to protect us from the inside. Multiple back-ups and recovery plans have been carefully designed to ensure that nothing is lost in case of a disaster.

Our Warehouse Management System gives us complete control and traceability of our stock from the moment an item is delivered to us until the moment we deliver it to a customer. The software used for our importing and exporting needs covers all steps from start to finish while being able to generate detailed reports for analysis. SAP software completes the final piece in covering all aspects of our Accounting Department. All our systems are dynamically adjustable, allowing us to meet each of our customers’ individual requirements.

Security measures are also in place to ensure the proper regulations and policies are upheld and kept to standard. Our CCTV system covers all areas of our premises including night patrols, and our access control systems ensure that restricted areas do remain restricted.

The receiving process is automated with RF scanners sending the data directly to our warehouse database whereby quantities are checked in real-time and reported back to the customer.

Eurofreight’s logistics facility has electronic ramps which make the loading and unloading process much more efficient and safe. There is also the necessary machinery, various types of forklifts and reach trucks, which enhance the performance of the warehouse for the tasks of loading & unloading. Such kind of infrastructure is ideal for cross-docking operations.

We provide efficient transportation solutions with the handling of re-exports in some cases and the delivery to the final customer. Eurofreight has a large fleet of vehicles with professional drivers who have also been trained to handle dangerous goods. The close proximity and our strategic location to airports ensure the fast handling of shipments.

Eurofreight has in place a Warehouse Management System which can provide accurate reporting on inventory according to our customers’ requirements. Reporting can be in real-time or on a schedule through a web report. We are in a position to offer specialised temperature-controlled storage areas, ranging from minus 20 Celsius up to a maximum of 20 Celsius. We have the capability and the premises required for demanding warehousing which can include dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals and perishables. The warehousing and handling of these substances are strictly regulated, following both customers’ compliance regulations and local compliance.

The process is again fully automated and data flows in real-time. Our warehouse management system utilises RF technology thus improving productivity and inventory accuracy. Reports can be generated for every transaction and can be forwarded to the customer upon request. packing & Labelling with all shipping and product information is produced according to each sales order.