Eurofreight Logistics

Advanced Merchandising Solutions

Eurofreight in collaboration with TargetPlus, are the trusted business partners passionately dedicated to meet and exceed your goals through laser-focused in-store merchandising solutions as a powerful extension of your sales and marketing organisation. Utilising our extensive combined expertise we are committed to support your business development in terms of sales volume, brand visibility, market share and profitability growth.

Our philosophy

Effective merchandising is no longer a conventional manual service of simply replenishing products on the shelf. Merchandising has evolved into a science, requiring both intelligent best business practices and electronic monitoring of qualitative and quantitative data. As an integral component of our core competencies, we employ a specialised enterprise mobility software platform which captures, processes and presents all merchandising metrics as specified by individual client’s needs. This is the strategically minded and professional job with live market data that you can expect from us.

Dedicated and committed to take your business to the next level being your in-store, brand and sales activators

Our goal is to help our clients maximise their brand exposure and business opportunities by:

  • Optimising product visibility and availability in alignment with sales increase and market share growth
  • As an outsourced strategic partner, become a valued extension of your operational infrastructure
  • Working passionately as your brand ambassadors wherever in the market your products compete
  • Remaining at the forefront of technology, industry trends and innovation
  • Contributing valuable market research insights and direct marketing expertise through our network of business partners
  • Ensuring efficient in-store promo execution for reaching and positively influencing consumers.
We provide 360° merchandising services including tailored planograms and field execution, per retail channel and store type

We strongly believe that information technology is an indispensable tool towards achieving desired goals in our field of services. Information accuracy, depth and breadth of data, data presentation and analysis, data speed, responsiveness to clients, visibility of job done and delivered results, require an efficient electronic platform. In response to this we invested in our IT infrastructure by introducing the Regate Effective Software.

Regate Effective software is flexible and responsive with customization options according to client’s specific requirements. The system provides a set of tools both for mobile teams and the management. Mobile professionals such as salesmen, merchandisers, medical representatives, field technicians, etc., can use the software either on Android, IOS or Windows Mobile smartphone or tablet.

Each team member is equipped with a personalized electronic device giving the ability to capture numerous in-store merchandising data in accordance with client’s specific needs and reporting specifications.

  • Pre-sale ordering
  • Ex-van sales
  • Regate Effective – Merchandising
  • Regate Effective – Medical reps

We provide 360o merchandising services including tailored planograms and field execution, per retail channel and store type. Services are offered for all consumer products, food and non-food, seasonal and/or all year-round.

  • In-store/on-shelf product replenishment per agreed schedule
  • Implementation and execution of efficient product displays in accordance with the standards and guidelines per brand and retail channel
  • Optimisation of product visibility and brand exposure
  • Monitoring of shelf share percentage (%) in each category/sub-category and multiple faces per SKU
  • Shelf price audit and recording
  • Placement & maintenance of POS materials, seasonal and secondary displays
  • Location and tracking of out-of-stocks and/or minimum stock levels
  • Product rotation & expiry dates control (FEFO)
  • Regular audit of listed/displayed products (numeric distribution) per store
  • Handling of damaged/non-saleable products
  • Emergency order taking
  • Training to store staff for existing products and/or new launches
  • Photo shooting of product displays
  • Shelf and warehouse stock taking

We are capable of undertaking a sales ordering cycle on a regular basis by applying efficient commercial practices and professional systems, securing the electronic connection with the client’s logistics IT infrastructure. The sales order can be combined with merchandising services, especially in smaller retail outlets, under the same representative for efficiency reasons and economies of scale.

Both sales ordering and merchandising functions can be monitored and managed via the Regate Effective platform which entirely supports our mobility needs such as route planning, stores database, product list, the commercial policy applied and merchandising data collection.
The sales ordering service can be customized in accordance with Client’s business plan per retail channel and the long-term objectives of the Sales and Marketing departments.

We assist you in prioritization of trade channels as we are up-to-date with market dynamics and how they impact various product categories in terms of optimum market penetration and the efficient ways of reaching the targeted consumers. Customized visits and merchandising plans per trade channel are proposed on the basis of strategic importance, distribution growth, sales increase and market share:

  • Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Groceries
  • Convenience stores, Kiosks
  • Bakeries
  • Pharmacies
  • D.I.Y. Stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Technology stores of Electrical Appliances and Electronic Devices