Eurofreight Logistics

E-Commerce Business Services

The explosive growth of e-commerce sales worldwide has created the need for dependable logistics partners to deliver in the physical realm what was searched, found and purchased online.

With the right partnership on hand, the success of any e-commerce logistics strategy would be dependent on the last mile delivery capability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. For the last mile delivery to be successful, the right amount of inventory of the right product has to be on hand at key hubs that can reach several international metropolitan target markets, before the actual last mile even happens.

Cyprus is an exceptional option for operating an e-commerce hub, where a favourable business environment and key geographic location would enable e-tailers or e-shops to import and store their stock, fill orders and export regionally and beyond. Eurofreight and its network of partners possess an e-commerce solution where fast, efficient, cost effective distribution operations are leveraged together with economies of scale and technology, to deliver a complete end to end e-commerce Logistics service. We are currently processing hundreds of orders per day, of goods that have been imported, from EU or non EU countries and are exported after picking packing, labelling and exporting via Air or Sea.

Innovating the world of cross-border logistics.

Simplified Procedures

One of Eurofreight’s greatest competitive advantages for our E-Commerce partners, is that we are a Simplified procedures approved provider. This means that we are able to conduct Imports and Exports on behalf of our clients, without the mandatory customs officer visit per transaction.

Instead, Eurofreight through a close partnership with the Cyprus Customs authority, provides real time access to Customs were they are able to obtain the same vital information they verify during an in person Custom’s Agent visit, through a systems interface. This enables Eurofreight and its partners to conduct vital Import and Export operations in a fraction of the time and in e-commerce time is one of the most critical success factors.

The Simplified Procedures status can only be obtained by premier Organisations that go through a rigorous vetting process.