Eurofreight Logistics


Geographical Location

Greece has an advantageous geographical location and is economically suitable to become Europe’s primary gateway.

Positioned at the crossroad of three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa), Greece has long been a strategic node for the development of transportation in the greater region.

In this environment, Greece’s geographical position as a gateway between East and West render it highly attractive for investments in logistics and transport to take advantage of these increasing trade flows in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Greece is part of the EU’s Orient/East-Med corridor that connects the maritime interfaces of the North, Baltic, Black Sea and Mediterranean.

The main port of Greece, Piraeus, is a large port with significant capacity both as a container port and as a car terminal. It is also close to the main Mediterranean maritime route (210 nm) and provides access to a large logistics centre in Thriassio and a high-speed cargo train route leading into Europe. All of the above allow Piraeus to serve both as a transshipment centre and a gateway port to Europe.