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Contract Logistics

Responding rapidly to real changes as they occur is in the heart of our business success.

2005 has been a crucial transitional period for the company that up to 2002 depended heavily on its Customs Clearing income as being one of the largest Custom Brokers in the island. Effective strategic planning has shifted its focus from a dying sector into a revived Freight Forwarding business which now claims the majority of the company’s income volumes. Eurofreight Logistics Ltd through continuous efforts in improving services and innovation has managed to be one of the top freight forwarders in Cyprus.

In an ever changing business environment there’s nothing more temporary than the continuous change. Eurofreight Logistics has understood that very well and has taken the evolution path of its European freight forwarders counter parts. It has added another link on its portfolio of Logistics services. Since Jan 2005 a state of the art warehouse facility was established to bring in a new wave of business in terms of warehousing and distribution. A promising sector which the company anticipates it will create enormous opportunities in the years to follow.

Eurofreight Logistics is considered the first 3PL services provider in Cyprus targeting both local and international companies. It was the expected evolution leap of a freight forwarder that correctly reads the needs of a changing market and understands the beneficial synergies. The management of the company feels strong about the strategic geographical location of Cyprus, on the crossroad of three continents; Asia, Europe, Africa, and it has invested heavily on offering warehousing and distribution solutions for European exporters that target Cyprus and the wider region. Several requests for full scale 3PL services or Cross docking services are received and their number is expected to rise.